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Black Lives Matter Protest.
Black Lives Matter Protest.

Inequality is NOT a Political Debate

Tia Guay
Tia Guay #inequality

I Look To The Day When People Will Not Be Judged By The Color of Their Skin, But By The Content of Their Character"

 - Martin Luther King Jr.

Equality has always been an issue for the human race. People are judged for their skin color, gender, sexuality, social status, ethnicity, wealth, and much more.

The groups of people that fall on the “wrong side” of these topics, are considered a minority. Why, you ask? The answer is not simple. In fact, people have been asking this question for centuries. To be honest, there should not be an answer to this question. Actually, there should not even be a question at all. Everyone in the world should be treated equally. Wait…but then why is equality so controversial?

The issue of equality among different groups of people, especially over the last few months, has become a hot topic of debate among politicians. There are associations with different political parties on certain topics. For instance, in the recent Black Lives Matter protests it is believed that most of the people advocating for the cause are Democrats. Of course, this is just a stereotype. Why should it matter what political party you are when it comes to equal rights of African Americans?

The truth is…it shouldn’t. Some people are afraid to speak up about what they truly believe because they do not want to “get political.” However, the way I see it, the issue of Equality is not controversial. There should be no “Republicans vs. Democrats” when fighting for Equality. As a country, we need to unite together and combat these social issues together as one. With that being said, I decided to start this blog because I wanted to “break the barrier” about the controversial topics that I will be blogging about. In fact, nothing I will be posting is “controversial” or “political.” It is simply just the facts. On the other hand, I will be sharing my own personal beliefs on each of the topics. Although, my personal values will be reflected, none of my posts will highlight politics. As I previously stated, the issue of equality and the social injustices around the world do not exhibit a specific political party. So…how can you create social change without getting “political?”

For starters, do not make assumptions about different people’s political affiliation based on their stance in a social issue. By becoming more aware of your own personal views towards other people, you can become a better citizen and have your opinions be more respected by other people. Above all, demonstrate your beliefs clearly. State the problem that you want to be solved, and come up with a solution. I hope this helps to clear up some of the controversy that surrounds Equality!