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Kid enjoying access to water.
Kid enjoying access to water. WikiMedia Commons

The fight to END the Global Water Crisis

Tia Guay
Tia Guay #climate

Millions of people in Africa and all over the world do not have access to clean, safe, drinking water. They have to walk up to 3 miles just to drink water that is contaminated with animal feces, bugs, dirt, and much more.

What is the Global Water Crisis:

Did you know that 663 million people on this planet lack access to safe drinking water? This number is growing as water becomes more scarce around the world. Many people know that there is a shortage of water in places like Africa. However, they do not understand the effects of the Global Water Crisis and the extent of how bad it actually is. You might be wondering...well how is dirty water really that bad? The water that people in Africa have to drink is not only filled with dirt and other natural products, but it contains a lot of bacteria. This bacteria causes many different waterborne illnesses. Every 21 Seconds, a child dies from a water-related illness. In Africa, the most common type of illness is HIV and AIDS. This disease is spread through dirty water and is passed around the area.

What are the Effects of Not Having Clean Water:

Aside from getting many different waterborne diseases like HIV/AIDS, there are many effects. For instance, many kids have to miss school to help their families get water. As previously stated, the average distance that many families walk to get water is 3.75 miles. This takes a long time, and in many families, the kids and the women are the ones that have to take this long journey. When a 5-gallon jerrycan gets filled with water, it weighs about 44 pounds. Women and kids have to carry that jerrycan back and forth from the muddy lake water. The effects of drinking contaminated water not only hurt your health, but it also affects your lifestyle and mental well-being. Kids are not able to play or talk to other kids because they are too busy getting water for their family and friends. 

How Can You Help:

There are many ways to help this cause and END the Global Water Crisis. One of the best ways to help is to spread awareness. By spreading awareness, more people will know about the cause and feel more inclined to donate! You can spread awareness by posting on social media explaining what the problem is and how they can help. You can also share about the Global Water Crisis with friends and family members and convince them to donate. Another good way to help this issue is to set up an online fundraising page where people can donate. You can share this with people on social media or let them know by talking about it in person. Especially, in today’s world, everything is digital. Setting up an online platform makes it easy for people to donate! The last and one of the most effective ways to help END the Global Water Crisis is to host a fundraiser at your school, church, or another organization in your community. A fundraiser is one of the best ways to help this issue because it brings awareness and forces people to donate. Also, a fundraiser is super fun! They can range anywhere from a pasta dinner to a football game, it’s up to you! The most important thing is that you take action on this cause and do your part to put the global water crisis into the