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Plastic Water Bottles
Plastic Water Bottles Bernardo, Ricardo. “Plastic Water Bottles.” Flickr, 14 Nov. 2009,

Tap Water Versus Plastic Bottles

Anika Mathur
Anika Mathur #environment

During the school year, what do you usually use? Do you grab a plastic bottle of water? If so, then you may not know the benefits of using tap water instead of bottled water!

Why have bottled water when you could get tap water? Well, tap water is free and much more cost-effective than buying plastic water bottles. If you use tap water, instead of plastic bottled water, you would also be decreasing the amount of waste you use daily. Why waste your money and pollute your world by using plastic water bottles, when you could get tap water? 

Water bottles would cost you a lot of money if you continuously buy them. Tap water is much better to use in daily life since it saves you money. In fact, according to Business Insider, water bottles cost 2000 times more than regular tap water. In 2012, around $11.8 billion were spent by Americans on water bottles, reported by the BMC. Imagine the amount of savings that everyone could have if they used tap water instead of bottled water! Americans are spending so much on bottled water that a gallon of bottled water is twice the price of gasoline. When there is a more cost-effective solution than continuously buying bottled water, why should we continue to waste our money?

Do you throw out your water bottles after drinking them? Well, since you do, tap water is better than bottled water because water bottles create a lot of waste!

According to The World Counts, every second 1,500 plastic bottles are being thrown into the ocean or in landfills. Obviously, this is a lot of waste, especially when most people can easily use tap water from their own home! Only 1 in 5 plastic bottles are recycled as well. The other 4 are usually thrown away, or they are littered.

Some may claim that bottled water has a different taste than regular tap water. What if I told you there isn’t any difference? You might have heard that bottled water is cleaner and healthier than tap water, but this is a huge lie! In reality, tap water is as good as bottled water! The World Counts reported that most bottled water is just tap water! Although critics say that there is a huge difference between tap and bottled water, blind tests state that tap water and bottled water taste the same, according to psych central. This imaginary difference between bottled and tap water is one that is costing Americans a lot of money and increasing the amount of waste created!

As you can see, tap water is just as good as bottled water, if not, even better! Bottled water is a waste of money, creates too much waste and it has no difference than tap water!  Now that you are informed, try to take steps to drink tap water instead of reaching for a bottle of water. Doing this can help the environment and your wallet!