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Why should We Care About Space?

Tejas Srirama
Tejas Srirama #oped

Space is a wondrous place where we can unlock so many secrets of this reality we live in.

Many people think that space travel isn’t important or that the rich are the only ones trying to figure out how to travel since they’ve destroyed Earth so much and don’t want to live in the future filth and I think both those ideas are absurd. First of all, with many different types of discoveries in space, we’ve learned that there are many planets out there that could be habitable and we’ve learned so much about the matter and how anti-matter works. Also, if the rich really wanted to get off of Earth and/or cared about the destruction of this planet, they would’ve funded space exploration a lot more.

Even though the Cold War was a horrible thing, it led to more activity in searching space, we now have satellites, have space stations, have sent someone to the moon, and have done many more things. With things like satellites and telescopes, we’re able to learn more about other planets, and how to either not become like them or to become more like them. Another thing satellites and space stations are useful for is tracking natural disasters, helping our internet, getting information about certain things whether it’s dangerous or not to the people, and helping us predict what will happen in the future.

Space is so much more than just a big empty area that is close and far away from Earth. It’s an area filled with amazing stars, galaxies, planets, and other things. It shows us how we most likely aren’t alone in this universe and how we’re really insignificant compared to everything else. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is still a valued human being, but to accept our insignificance and to look beyond the stars is such an amazing thing and something we could learn from. We could possibly also find alien life in the future whether it’s intelligent or not. Hopefully, it doesn’t find us first though, because as Stephen Hawking said “If aliens visit us, the outcome will be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn’t turn out well for the Natives”.

If more funding is put into space, and more people are interested in learning about it, many more secrets about the universe we live in could be unlocked, the way time and possible time travel works could also be discovered more in-depth. Even if scientists don’t put a lot of funding towards discovering space, they could use things like satellites and better stations to learn more about the Earth and unlock the secrets about our planet and the system.