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Are Sports More Harmful or Helpful for Kids?

Lauren Scarpa
Lauren Scarpa #youth

Are sports more harmful or helpful for kids? Sports are more helpful than harmful for kids. Sports are a helpful thing in a child’s life because kids who play sports are more confident, they perform better academically, and get more exercise than the average non playing sports child.

Sports are helpful for children because kids who play sports have more confidence than those who don’t. Most sports jocks tend to be on the more confident side, but according to the news video, “Kids and Sports”, sports give all kids confidence even if they are not playing for a team or with other kids at all. he video also says that minimal confidence is beneficial to a child. As displayed by facts in the video everyone is more confident if or when they play a sport.

Another way sports are helpful for kids is because kids tend to do better academically when they play a sport. In the news video “Sports: How much is too much?”, the coach of the basketball team says that the kids with overwhelming schedules do better academically, than the ones who have nothing to do. The coach also proves that his statement is correct by saying that when the sports season ends grades drop because the athletes seem to lose focus on their sport and their schoolwork. Sports don’t just help athletes in regular school but in college, because being good at a sport can get you a scholarship to a college, especially if you have good grades too.

The last way that sports are helpful for kids is because they help kids get more exercise. Exercise is good for staying healthy and burning calories, most of us know that, but did you know sports help kids prevent a terrible disease. In the article “What in the Name of High School Football?” by Hank Hill, it states, “The single greatest factor in preventing the nation’s number one killer - heart disease - is regular and vigorous exercise”. Children who play sports definitely get regular and vigorous exercise. So just by playing sports children can stay away from the nation’s number one killer. You wouldn’t want to hand your kid to a killer, would you? 

In conclusion sports are without a doubt more helpful to kids than harmful. Sports help children socially, academically, and physically. Simply by just playing even one sport children will have more confidence, better grades, and stay away from a killer. If you are wondering whether to put your child on a sports team, if they want to do it, let them. Yes, they can get hurt, but it’s not definite, and it’s probably better than heart disease.


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